Your safety is very important to us!

Therefore, we ask you to please read the following text carefully.

We wish you a lot of fun with the kits.

1. safety and hazard information for health, injury, death.

Improper use and handling of the articles manufactured and distributed by Commerce & Customize GmbH may result in serious damage to health, injury or death.

The proper use of the products incl. of the kits and its accessories is the responsibility of the buyer. The use of our products is allowed only with the mutual consent of all parties.

(1) During the use of the furniture in a bondage session, the fixed person must never be left alone, even for a short time. Self-restraints without supervision are also not allowed. Monitoring is mandatory.

(2) It is essential to agree on a security word and or gesture. Care must be taken to ensure that one of the two safety signs is also always possible. We do not recommend gagging the mouth and blindfolding at the same time, as hand signals can easily be overlooked and therefore eye contact is generally recommended.

(3) Furniture may not be used for free-hanging, or even overhead restraints. When sitting or lying down, the body’s center of gravity must not be higher than 90 cm. Make sure that there are no dangerous objects near the piece of furniture.

(4) Be sure to maintain cleanliness and hygiene. This naturally includes the professional disinfection of components, especially those which are inserted into body orifices and which come into contact with bodily fluids.

(5) Before each use of the piece of furniture and its accessories, make sure that all connectors (recommendation according to manufacturer 40Nm) are firmly and securely connected. Do not use the furniture if defects are noticed or damage is visible.

2. safety instructions when assembling or modifying the bondage furniture and its accessories:

(1) The pipes and connectors are made of solid steel and are correspondingly heavy. During assembly, careless handling can cause a component to fall to the floor.

– During installation work, ensure that the substrate is adequately protected. For example, by a suitably thick carpet.

– Ensure sufficient distance to walls and endangered furniture (at least as large /wide as the length of the highest component) Failure to observe this may result in damage during use.

(2) To avoid damage and injury, at least 2 persons should be involved in all assembly work.

(3) Always use the furniture on a carpet or protective pad. Otherwise, use may cause damage to the substrate.

(4) Before using the piece of furniture, make absolutely sure that all connectors are screwed tightly (40 Newton meters are recommended according to the manufacturer of the connectors) and also that the tubes are in the connectors up to the stop.

(5) The clamping pads for support on the tubes must not be loaded at points between the tubes (e.g. by kneeling)!

(6) The raw steel clamps made of natural iron may rust and stain the clothes and skin.

Our products are not toys and do not comply with the Second Ordinance to the Equipment and Product Safety Act (2. GPSGV). The goods are not sold to minors and must not be made available to minors.

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